How to design a practical house entrance?

The entrance is a transitional space between indoors and outdoors, which serves as a buffer for interior decoration.

What are the functions of the entrance? Let Wotefusi help you to clarify it.

1. A more practical meaning of the entrance is to enhance privacy, which can help to block indoor objects.


The front doors are facing to the bedroom directly in many houses of real estate, at this case, you can use the screen as a shelter, or add a translucent cabinet to make a space decoration.

2. In some unreasonable housing structures, you can use the entrance to harmonious vision.

There are some small-sized restaurants and living rooms that are designed to be integrated. At this time, designing a partition and porch will make the house look much more harmonious. For example, you can put a low cabinet or make a different visual segmentation on the floor.


3. The entrance also can have a practical function. For example, a counter or a shoe cabinet can be used as a storage tool.


The usual types of entrance

1. Fully partitioned

The full-cut entrance is generally "top-placed". Many spacious houses will adopt a full-cut entrance, and from a psychological point of view, it is used to avoid the excessive hollowness feeling in space. Anyway, a home should be warm.


Tips: The most important thing to avoid is that the fully partitioned blocks natural lighting when you adopt this type of entrance. If the light is insufficient due to the design of the entrance, it will not be worth the loss. It should also be noted that the fully partitioned entrance may result in the space to become narrow, so this type of entrance is not suitable for small units.

2. Semi-partitioned

Semi-partitioned is to block half of the house. Compared to the previous full partition, its advantage is that it has a faint reservation about the sense of space.


Many designers choose the mirror materials to design the semi-partitioned entrance. Firstly, it can increase the ray in the room by refracting the light, secondly, it also can enlarge the space. This type of entrance is very suitable for small units.


3. Soft partitioned

In fact, soft partitioned is actually a visual partition design. Just like putting a Persian rug in the hallway, or a row of bar lights, it is just about the effect that apparently severed but actually connected.


When the decoration color of a house is very consistent, then as long as the color of the floor is different, the subconscious will make a dividing line between the kitchen and other areas.


In the next blog post, Wotefusi will bring you tips on different designs for different entrance. Please continue to pay attention to the Wotefusi blog. If you have any suggestions, please leave a message for us and we will be happy to respond to you.