Top guides on how to choose the best kitchen pendant lights

Do you wish to do kitchen light remodeling or improvement? First and for most, it’s worthwhile to have done data survey before any activity. By doing this you will have gained the idea on what type of lights to place in your kitchen, purchase method as well as the prices.


This brings the question for homeowners. Is kitchen light remodeling worth your money? And if so there are several factors you will look for before placing them.

Below are the top guides that will help you choose the best kitchen lights.

Make a plan


The kitchen pendant is the jewelry of the kitchen, as it helps you with important tasks each an everyday. With this idea, you are subjected to make a good plan before installing any kitchen pendant lights.

Good kitchen lighting creates a friendly environment, lighting the whole area decorating it with its natural noticeable light.

Consider your kitchen space


Space is the key factor to consider for pendant lighting in your kitchen. Since pendants come in all different shapes, styles, and sizes. The reflectivity of the kitchen pendant and the height of the ceiling, the cone of light emitted by the fixture.

All these things and more have something to do with light placement. Well-placed recessed lighting highlights the kitchen room features or helping you to focus on the task at hand. Always keep the size of the kitchen pendant light proportional to your space and the size of the room.



Color lighting displays an attractive picture light depending on the furniture in the kitchen providing a general illumination of the place. White color pendant lights create a brighter environment since light bounces across the room.

White ceiling, white walls, and white countertops amplify the light provided by the pendant lamps. Spreading a soft general illumination the length and width of the kitchen.

The height of the pendant lights


Most of the pendant lights tend to hang too low hindering views across the room. Larger pendant lights should be hanged higher while smaller ones lower within the space.

Adding dimmers to the lighting enables you to change into various moods creating a wonderful general light when needed.

Purpose of the pendant lights


This a major role you should consider while choosing a kitchen lamp for your home, as it depends on whether you want to install the lights for an overall purpose, task lighting or feature lighting needs.

This role goes head to head with the type of bulb color you place as it affects the mood at which they reflect light.

Low Voltage Pendants


Low voltage pendants are considered cheap and available. They have smaller bulbs that save space, cost and are excellently designed to fit. Low voltage pendant lights save n energy as well as prevent brightness to the eye which at times may be irritating causing eye problems. If you are setting a mood, then a low voltage or LED lighting is absolutely fit for the task.


Common feature about the kitchen pendant lights is that they hang from the ceiling, mostly from a cord or chain. For all types of pendant light-emitting products used in light fixtures to produce the light we need, performance and quality. However, it is also important to consider light color produced, as at times color determines the temperature and mood of the room.

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