How to decorate the bay window - Round 2

In the last post, Wotefusi introduced the different types of bay windows to you. But how to make full use of different bay window space? Now, we'll continue to write more for you about the bay window.

1. Couch rest

wotefusi Couch rest

To make the bay window a comfortable and relaxing bed area, there must be practical and beautiful furniture decoration.



Velvet, gold-copper tassels, plaster statues make this very popular pillow. This pillow is with good taste and bringing a fresh artistic style to the home.

Small tea table


The natural bamboo table is small and exquisite, with a gentle literary temperament.


The bottom of the table is also equipped with a folding storage box, which stores snacks, books, and tea sets, makes the whole room looks clean and tidy.

Lift curtain


Compared with the ordinary double-opening curtains, the lifting curtain can adjust the position of the hem at will, which will be lighter and more compact, and will not block the two sides and affect the light transmission.


The plant-patterned lift curtains, with a mix of yellow and blue, are lively and interesting and are ideal for matching Nordic-style furniture.

2. Storage


By making full use of the space of the bay window, the storage function at home becomes more powerful immediately.

However, the position of the bay window is receiving the sunlight directly, so things that need to be protected from light, such as cosmetics, medicines, etc., are not suitable for storage in this area.

Storage box


The storage cabinets of eucalyptus and walnut are combined in a square, the lines are well matched, and the enamel design is very textured.

Iron wall hanging


If the bay window is small and there is no more extra space to place the locker, don't forget the "wall" trick, only several wall mounts then can help you.


The simple wrought-iron striped wall hanging is very convenient for storing magazines, and it can also decorate the walls well.

3. Working area


Though there is no separate study room, you can have a separate working area. Use the bay window to set up a work area, the light is good enough, when you are tired, look up the scenery outside the window, work and rest, you can have both.



The biggest feature of this type of desk is that it uses a section of the bay window to make a weighing and space-saving construction of a work area.

Although the footprint is small, the desktop is large enough to meet the needs of placement.

Storage Box


The cute house shape is not only a storage box but also a special decoration in the home.


Small grids of different color schemes are convenient for sorting and storage, and items such as small stationery are placed on the desktop, which is very popular.

4. Mini Garden


The plenty of sunshine on the bay window is also very suitable for plant growth, so you can have a small garden at home!

Small potted plants


The small and lovable succulent potted plants do not take up too much space and can become a very eye-catching landscape in the home.

Glass flower room


The transparent glass flower room hangs in front of the window to bring greenery and fresh.


Irregular geometric shape, with a special angular and angular personality, it can be a self-contained landscape.

Decorate the bay window with good ideas, your house can be a distinctive area of your house. To view more house tips, please keep an eye on Wotefusi Blog.