How to choose the best crystal pendant lights?

Advances in lighting design and technology have led to a huge variety of chandelier and pendant lamps. However, none of these hanging lights can replicate the grand and enchanting effect of a traditional crystal chandelier. Though crystal lights have gone through many modem modifications, yet these chandeliers remain one of the most popular trends. It can be a true gem for your interior space, shimmering and refracting light for a brightly illuminated, dramatic and luxurious space. It can evoke a sense of extravagance and grandeur each time, provided the crystal you select is of the right quality. Hence Wotefusi provides a simple and handy guide for selecting a high-quality crystal.


The basic rule for determining the quality of a high standard crystal is to check the weight and density of the crystal. A good quality chandelier would use a crystal heavy in weigh to achieve the desired effect. Further good brands maintain a specific weight and density of crystal. Hence you can judge the quality of a crystal with a few hand measurements. This method remains one of the easiest and convenient way to determine the quality of the crystal. It is also advisable to check for the cutting surface of a crystal.  The cut of a crystal depends upon the processing technology. More advanced technology can lead to a high standard crystal that will generally increase the cost of a crystal chandelier. Another easy lookout for a high-quality crystal is to check for bubbles. The crystal is processed from different chemical raw materials. The quantity of lead in crystal composition is also a way to asses the quality. A good quality crystal would limit the amount of lead to the minimum and would generally cost more. Therefore, a significant amount of cost of a crystal hanging lights is towards the quality of the crystal. Yet the timeless and elegant chandelier is a long-term investment towards a rich and dynamic interior space.


Another important feature of a crystal chandelier or pendant lamp is the ability to refract and amplify the lighting effect. In this case, the transparency of the crystal plays a significant role. The transparency of a high standard crystal should almost replicate that of glass. Hence a highly transparent crystal implies a crystal of good quality, that could amplify the lighting effect. Similarly, the ability of a crystal to refract light can distinguish a high standard crystal. The trick is to stand at a distance and observe the refracted light from the crystal hanging light. In natural light, the crystal would produce colorful refraction of light. This characteristic remains a key factor in determining the quality of a crystal. It can ensure that the crystal pendant lamp or chandelier in your home can produce dramatic and dynamic lighting for a distinctively grand and luxurious interior space.


However, the best test for any high standard light fixture is to maintain the same level of quality even after a reasonable period. Time remains the turning point for crystal chandelier that guarantees high quality. Hence a low-quality crystal would not smear with time. On the other hand, a good quality crystal may be an expensive but a long-term investment. Therefore the crystal would not tarnish or become less shiny. It will continue to show off its bright and shiny surface to create an enchanting effect in entryway, bedroom or living room. A low-quality crystal lamp, even when cleaned properly, may lose its shine and brightness when used for a long period. However, with a good crystal, you may wash with water, but it would undoubtedly retain the quality of gloss and refraction. The fact is that a high standard crystal chandelier may not be the most high maintenance light fixture in your house. Wash the crystal hanging light with water and then wipe with a cloth. Cleaning it once a year may be adequate for a good quality crystal.  Therefore investing in a high-quality crystal chandelier and pendant lamp could be the best option to glamorize your home and provide a grand, dramatic and luxurious flair for the longest period of time.