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Floor lamp has become quite a common part of our living, dining and even bedrooms. However, for those who are looking for a more traditional and simple floor lamp, the grey wooden floor lamp is a perfect choice for them. The grey wooden floor lamp is simple in style and easy to match the decoration of your room. It is one of the trends of floor lamps in 2019, too.


Types of  Wood Floor Lamp

A perfect floor lamp should be the one that genuinely portrays not only the entire look of the room but also tells a great deal about the taste and personality of the person. Usually, the shade of a wooden floor lamp will be a regular lamp shade. These may include an oak floor lamp, a teak floor lamp, a mahogany floor lamps or a walnut floor lamp


How to Place Grey Wood Floor Lamp

The grey wooden floor lamp usually combines a wooden base and a lampshade to provide warmth to any room of your house. It is a nice try to put it in the bedroom, living room and reading room.

Grey Lampshade

Grey lampshade is an integral part of a wooden floor lamp. It made out of different materials like the line, silk, cotton and these types of lampshades aren't suited for setting in the kitchen.  The grey lampshade in a neutral hue can be used with most lamp bases.


Choose Right Size of Grey wood Floor Lamp

For this, you need to consider the eye level rule.

Firstly, take a seat on the sofa or chair and measure the height from the floor to your eye level.

Secondly, ensure that the top of a floor lamp should be at least between 58-64 inches tall.

Thirdly, the bottom of the shade will then be just at or above the eye level of the person sitting on the sofa.  

For example:

If you have a low ceiling, then a very tall floor lamp can look out of proportion. Similarly, if you have a lot of overhead space, a short wooden floor lamp will fail to fill the room with ambient light. Therefore, it is essential to know how tall the base can be before the floor lamp can start to dominate the room.



Grey wood floor lamp not only adds more light to the room, but it can also serve as a decorative addition to your interiors. A lamp with interesting shade can help frame a couch or even liven up a dull corner of the living room. Grey wood floor lamp enhance the whole look of the room with its unique and magnificent designs and tells a great deal about the person’s personality and taste.