The indoor lighting decoration tips - Round 1

As a medium for people and space, lighting plays a unique role in rendering the atmosphere and enhancing happiness in the house. But how to arrange your own lighting has become a learning. Many people think that it is enough to have only one main light in the house decoration. It is a big mistake.

Let’s see the two compare photos:

The picture below is the KFC lighting:

No main lights, just bright.


The coffee shop lighting, also without the main light, is also very bright.


If you want to sit for an afternoon, which environment do you prefer to go to?

Presumably, most people prefer to choose the coffee shop to chat and even work, because this kind of lighting gives people a feeling of comfort and peace.

If we copy this lighting layout to our house, we can enjoy this atmosphere without going out to spend money.


Indoor lighting classification

1. Basic lamp, only lighting

The ceiling light is the backlight. Usually, it is the main light in the house. It is also called direct light or basic light. This kind of light is mainly installed in the center of the ceiling of the living room, dining room, bedroom, etc. to illuminate the whole room, without obvious shadows, and there is no serious contrast between the light and the untouched place. But since it must be used with other light, it shouldn't be very bright, and it has the lowest brightness compared to other light sources in the home.


Chandelier [above: industry pendant light]

bedroom ceiling light

Ceiling light

2. Auxiliary lighting, increase the sense of space

The concentrated light source has a large illumination, and the eyes are prone to fatigue in such an environment for a long time. At this time, you need an auxiliary light source.

The auxiliary light source can produce an unexpected effect even under the illumination of the main light, they are set in the ceiling, the jewelry cabinet, the corner. These lamps mainly include table lamps, wall lamps, track lamps, etc..

bedroom lighting

The light from the auxiliary light source is diffuse light, and the light that is transmitted to all corners of the house is the same. In general, lamps with scattered light are used with direct lamps.

3. Key lighting, focus on attracting your attention

The centralized light source is a direct light, which illuminates the concentrated direct light in a limited area so that you can see any movement more clearly, especially when working, reading, cooking, dining, you will more need the centralized light source.

house lighting decoration

Since the shape of the lamp cover and the position of the lamp determine the size of the beam, the direct lamp is usually equipped with a cover or a cooling air hole, and the lampshade is opaque, such as spotlight, track light, and work light.

Here, we are also referring to the light temperature to you beside the classification lighting, which is the most obvious difference between KFC and the coffee shop.

house lighting

Just to make it a little bit easier, the wattage is the light intensity, and the color temperature is a feeling of light to the human eye. The color temperature is warm when it is below 3300K, it is a middle color temperature between 3000-- 4000K, and it is cold when color temperature over 4500K.

Remember that light with a high color temperature is bluish and light with a low color temperature is reddish.

house indoor lighting

Whether it is a room of 10㎡ or 200㎡, whether it is spent tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of renovation budget, believe us, just comply with the layout above to arrange the lighting, your house will be more "expensive" than it was!

In the next content, we'll write more about house indoor lighting tips according to different rooms, please pay more attention to Wotefusi Blog.