How to Fix a Faulty Table Lamp

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We all wish our table lamps could work efficiently and bulbs to light forever. However, this may not be the case based on our usage of the lamps. Usually, issues such as a flickering bulb or switch or a bulb refusing to light up may cause our lamps to become inefficient.

If such problems are not solved, it may lead to future tragedies. Mostly, electrical fires have accounted for a considerable percentage of residential fires with some of them leading to loss of life. Therefore, it is vital to make necessary repairs rather than ignoring them.


Tips for Repair Your Defective Lamp

Your table light becomes defective when it displays some issues such as damaged lamp switch, excessive brightness, broke wire. So we summed up some tips to help you repair your desk lamp.

1. How to Replace Table Lamp Switches?

 With time, your bedroom table lamp switch can become loose which is practically normal.

a)    Start by unplugging the lamp and let it sit for 20 minutes to cool. Unscrew the metal bulb holder by turning it counterclockwise and place it aside.

b)   Check if you can wiggle the two electrical wires in the switch. If so, tighten the screws using a small Phillip head, plug the lamp and test it.

c)    Grab the two wires and pull them up and unscrew the two brass screws to disconnect the wires from the switch

d)   Using a pair of needle nose pliers, take off the collar of the outside stem, unscrew the stem and take it out. After this, install the replacement switch by reversing the steps above and attach the table lamp.


2. How to Install a Dimmer Switch on a Table Lamp

You can easily make your table lamp dimmable if you feel the Desk Light is too bright for you.

a)    Unplug your lamp and choose a position along the cord where you prefer to place the dimmer. Separate the two wires of the lamp cord with a utility knife and insert the dimmer an inch along the center of the cable.

b)    Check for the neutral and hot strand and using the pliers, slice through the hot wire at the center of the place you need to install the dimmer.

c)    Remove and unscrew the cover of the dimmer switch and put the neutral wire inside the switch box. Place the cut ends of the hot wire under the two terminal clamps, fasten them with a screwdriver.

d)    Replace the dimmer switch cover, screw into place and test it on your modern table lamp.

modern table lamp

3. How to Rewiring Table Lamp

Rewiring your table lamp is required when you note that your bulb is flickering a lot or not lighting up. And this could be caused by a loose socket, a depressed socket, high voltage or excessive fixture vibration.

a)    Unplug the lamp. With a screwdriver; press the sleeve of the socket out. Pull the device up and cut the old wires with a wire cutter.

b)    Turn the lamp and unscrew the nut on the bottom. Pull the tread and remove the old socket.

c)    Put in a new cord through the hole in the bottom till it comes out and attaches to the new plug.

d)    Split 2’’ of the wires by cutting along the grove and remove 1/2 ’’ of insulation the wires. Use an underwriter’s knot to tie the split cords creating a figure eight by feeding the opposite color through each loop.

e)   On either side of the socket, loosen the screws; wrap the hot exposed wire around the brass screw and the other around the neutral screw. Tighten the screws with a screwdriver.

f)    Put the sleeved back on the socket then test the wire by plugging into an outlet.


A  table lamp can wear out at some point during its lifetime. You can choose to repair the faulty parts by following DIY videos online or simply call an electrician to replace the worn out parts for you.