How To DIY Rose Gold Table Lamp And Floor Lamp To Light Up Your Decor

How To Revamp An Old Lamp?

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What would you do if do you want to revamp an old lamp, or maybe even build a new rose gold lamp? It's immensely easier to tackle a rose gold lamp makeover with an idea.

First of all, only need a can of spray paint to complete, and then, learn a little about electrical work before you get started.


Step #1: Getting Started

First of all, DIY rose gold lamp is incredibly easy to make. The worst crafter can do this in the world. Also, it only takes a can of spray paint.


Step #2: Gather Your Old Lamp

Pick sturdy one with an attractive old lamp to clean and paint. Also, if you can buy spray paint that has paint and primer in one, it offers better and longer lasting coverage.

  • Old lamp
  • Spray paint
  • An old cloth or paper towel
  • Paper bag

Step #3: Clean Your Old Lamp

It's critical to make sure your old light is in the best shape possible.

Check the old lamp to see if it has any dirt. Just do the work with your hands, clean the lamp, and let it dry completely before moving on to the next step. You need the old lamp surfaces to be as clean as it can be because if it's not, the paint will peel off with whatever is covering.


Step #4: Spray Paint The Old Lamp

In a well-ventilated area or preferably outdoors, cover the area where you would spray a “rose gold table lamp or rose gold floor lamp” with a paper bag. There will be a lot of oversprays, so take the time to prepare this area thoroughly.

Use a slight brush stroke to move back and forth to spray each part of the old lamp from all sides and directions. It takes a little time because it's easy to miss a place. Look at your beautiful rose gold table lamp or rose gold floor lamp from all angles and place them in a dry place.


Step #5: Let Rose Gold Table Lamp And Rose Gold Floor Lamp Dry

Allow your rose gold lamp time to dry for a moment on the surface you spray painting it on.
Put it somewhere cool, dry, and out of the wind. When it's done drying, you can use the beautiful rose gold table lamp or rose gold floor lamp however you see fit. They're a gorgeous rose gold lamp and cheap rose gold lamp, Enjoy all of the beauty they can add to your space for a variety of occasions!