How to decorate the bay window? - Round 1

When you stay at home, the favorite place is maybe the bay window.

The gentle sunshine through the large glass windows, look at the scenery outside the window, drinking tea, making a daze, free and comfortable, what a lazy weekend time.


The bay window with its own temperament is often found in the small gardens of the ancient villa. It has been popular in the renovation of thousands of households nowadays.

The bay window is like a viewfinder, it can move the scenery outside to your front, giving life a feeling of freehand. It is a pity that many people have neglected the layout of the bay window and wasted this treasure.


The most important thing is that the precious house is definitely can not waste any 1. Moreover, if the bay window space is used well, it can also improve the space utilization rate, which invisibly expands the home area.

In these two blog posts, Wotefusi will write to you about the use of the bay window, and recommend some practical modified tips for you.

First, let's take a look at the different types of bay windows.


Bay window, generally rectangular or trapezoidal convex to the outside, this is the outer bay window, the three sides are equipped with transparent glass.

The bottom of this outer bay window is volley, the height of the window is lower than the normal window, which is conducive to the house lighting and the use of space extension, expanding the horizon of people.


The other is the inner bay window, which is generally glass on one side and wall on both sides. It is safer, but it takes up space in the room.


If divided according to the shape, the bay window can be divided into the following five categories:

1. Platform bay window


The most common in Asia is the bay window with a platform. In the past, most of them were solid cement bases. Now many people will replace them with wooden platforms and increase storage functions.

2. Ladder bay window


The ladder bay window is an advanced version of the platform bay window. With one more step, the whole space becomes more layered, and of course, the relative cost will be higher.

3. French bay window


The floor-to-ceiling window is the most romantic bay window design. It maximizes the view of the window and allows you to embrace nature more completely.

And the light can be maximally invested from the glass, to make the room so bright, give you a sense of openness.

4. Curved bay window


If the floor-to-ceiling window is to widen the field of view from the longitudinal direction, then the curved bay window is receiving the view from the window laterally.

The curved shape of the surround adds a sense of elegance to the unique lines, and the space for the transformation is also greater.

5. Corner bay window


The 7-shaped bay window with corners is not only better for lighting but also more possibilities for layout and use, making it more flexible and interesting.

In the next post, we’ll continue to introduce more about the bay window. For more tips about house decoration and modification, please keep an eye on Wotefusi Blog.