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Crystal chandelier or Crystal pendant light both can bring instant charm and sophistication to any space. It's necessary to clean the crystal chandelier to maintain the dramatic and luxurious effect of it.  

Wotefusi provides a short and accessible guide to clean your crystal pendant lights in the right way.

What you will need:

1. Windshield wiper fluid(Or other specialized cleaners);

2. Alcohol;

3. Diesel;

4. Gloves;

5. Towel & sponge;

6. Ladder;

7. Water.

clean crystal pendant lighs

Clean Crystal Pendant Light With Correct Detergent

A chandelier lamp holder consists of various materials such as crystal, glass and metal components. The different properties of the materials demand that each element should be dealt with differently. So we should choose the right detergent to clean the crystal chandelier.

1. When using a chemical cleaning agent for metal component, it is important to ensure that the metal used is chemically reacted to prevent any damage to the plating layer or sprayed surface.

2. Windshield wiper fluid remains perfect for thorough cleaning of glass parts but can be used for crystal component as well.

3. Alcohol, easy to clean and highly volatile, is perfect for cleaning crystal parts. Cleaning the crystal chandeliers with vinegar is also a good choice.

4. Diesel is ideal for dirty crystal pendant lights and chandelier as it helps to soften and remove dirt and dust particles.  


Practice the Follow Before Cleaning

1. Cut off the crystal chandelier for safety

 It is crucial to ensure safety whether you are cleaning a hotel crystal chandelier or a living room crystal chandelier. It is necessary to cut the power when dealing with any maintenance work of lighting.

2. Put a sponge under the crystal chandelier

It is better to place a sponge cushion under the crystal pendant light prevent the ladder from scratching the floor and more importantly, catch any crystals that may fall


Steps of Clean the Crystal Pendant Light

1. Mark the position of each crystal ball before the cleaning process to avoid confusion and ensure easy installation.

2. Keep the ladder stable, take out the crystal ball one by one and place it in a bucket.

3. Then tying the bucket, take it to the nearest cleaning area.

4. Pouring the detergent and water into the bucket.

5. Carefully wash each component one by one.

6. Wipe the bulb and crystal beads with a dry towel. 

clean crystal chandelier

Install The Crystal Ball

Wiping the plated lamp holder with a towel before installing the crystal. When you finish the installation, turn on the power and test if the luminaire is working correctly. The step is essential to ensure safety and prevent short circuit.


Precautions for Accident

The process of disassembling the crystal ceiling light can at times weaken the structure of the lamp. And the crystal ball will be easy to fall down.

1. Replace hardware accessories on the crystal ball When install it, to avoid short hardware cracking.

2. Wear cotton gloves while cleaning to prevent fingerprints and perspiration accumulating on the crystal.

3. Wipe and dry the hardware of the lamp holder thoroughly.


Cleaning crystal chandelier or crystal pendant light in the right way, the crystal lamp will remain in perfect condition for a long time.