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How To Choose Floor Lamp?

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Piper floor lamp can be used to make rooms appear larger, put across a bold statement or offer some fantastic decoration ideas. Due to this, a piper floor lamp or industrial floor lamp can get situated anywhere in a room to offer light are gaining attraction. Use the following tips to select the best piper floor lamp for your home.


1. The Height Of  Piper Floor Lamp

Before choosing, deliberating on where it will be placed in your home will dictate the desired height measurements. Specifications include;

a.Taller height

Choose this if you are selecting a piper floor lamp or industrial floor lamp for a larger room. Ideally, it’s suitable for taller ceiling heights as it offers visual balance.

b.Shorter height

When considering a smaller room, picking one that scrapes the ceiling is overkill. To avoid overshadowing, choose smaller compact floor lamps.  

c.Adjustable height

If you have no idea about the floor lamp size, opt for an adjustable floor lamp. Doing so offers you flexibility hence allowing you to choose the area of use at a later date.


2.The Style And Function of  Piper Floor Lamp

As not all floor lamps have the same type of lighting, the intended function dictates what you will choose. The different criteria include;

a.The decoration of the piper Floor lamp

The Piper floor lamp 3 lights are one of the most popular floor lamp options you can choose. Other options with intrinsic designs that offer beautiful ambient lighting are also available.

b.Add lighting

If your purpose is to brighten up a room, then you are better off choosing an oversize shade cast that provides a broader glow brightening the room.

c.For reading

Finally, if your primary purpose is to get more light for reading, a swing arm floor lamp is an ideal choice. It offers adjustable controls allowing you to move it to areas you need it the most. 


3. Types Of Switch Controls Floor lamp Offers

Technological advancement has made it possible for piper floor lamps to offer different types of lighting controls. This includes;

a.Cord and switch

Good old fashioned use of a cord and switch option is available as a means of manual light control. Fancy options are available that add to the design.

b.Base switch 

For convenience, you can choose to invest in a floor lamp that you can operate with your foot by selecting a piper floor lamp with the switch at the base.

c.Remote lighting

For stress-free control from anywhere in the house, a remote controlled lighting option is available that is quick and easy to operate.

d.Safety Back-Up Provided

Though floor lamps allow flexibility and ease of use due to its portability, they can be easily knocked over. When choosing, consider the luminous flux it operates on. With some halogen bulbs reaching 1000 degrees Fahrenheit or more, the dangers of fire are real. Select lamps that have a heavier bottom or a top protective feature for added safety


4. Choose a Piper Floor Lamp

Finally, when choosing a floor lamp, select a piper floor lamp that suits your style. Various styles include;

a.Modern design piper floor lamp

You have different choices in this design option. For a more industrial feel choose lamps with metal and a cage. For more sleek and contemporary designs the piper floor lamp 3 lights is a good fit.

b.Antique designs piper floor lamp

Sometimes you might desire an antique lamp that provides a unique style. In this consider antique-looking metal styles like bronze and copper.



The above tips will prove especially useful in helping you eliminate time wastage of endless window shopping. However, when choosing a piper floor lamp, ensure you plan on the exact budget and stick to it.