Living room lighting ideas: lamps fixture base on the size of drawing room

The most important space of any house remains living room. It can truly be considered the heart of your home as it remains a central hub where the entire family could interact, mingle and enjoy their time. Hence when designing this interactive space special attention must be given to details. One of the most important details of any house living room design remains to light. No matter living room hanging lights, living room chandelier, living room table lamp, these light furniture could play an essential role in a versatile and flexible space where the entire family could come together and interact.


Therefore in this article, our focus is towards ambient or general lighting in a living room. Ambient lighting remains a crucial feature in formulating a functional and comfortable environment. Living room pendant lamps are unanimously the most popular tools to provide general lighting. The lights can serve as a great design feature in the space, and give a proper distribution and coverage of light. However, one of the most the common mistake while using pendant light in-house design remains to go overboard while selecting a lamp that is too bright and overpowering or going the other way round by choosing a lamp that does not provide adequate lighting for space. Hence to avoid this confusion and enable you to utilize the best lighting options Wotefusi provides you with a guide for choosing the right size of ceiling lamp for your living room design, so you have the perfect amount of light for a functional, warm and inviting living room. 


Starting from a small and cozy living room that is within 161.5 sq ft (15 m2) the ideal size for the chandelier remains 2 ft (60 cm) in diameter that implies the spreader of the hanging light should be around 2 ft in diameter. If the pendant lamp exceeds the size, it can become too dominating and make space feel cramped and congested. On the other hand, if you use a smaller size space is likely to become dysfunctional and depressing. The dull and poorly lit space is genuinely against the aura of an interactive and lively space such as the living room. Hence for this size of a living area, it is a great idea to pair the ceiling lamp with bright colors that can reflect light. This way the crystal light can change the perception of the space, to bring about a more open and spacious feeling in the room.


However, in general, the average size of a living room would be around 161.5 - 215 sq ft (15 -20 m2). The perfect size for the pendant lamp for this room would be about 2.3 ft (70 cm) in diameter. The size is recommended to ensure that the light can sustain various activities performed in a living room. In such spaces its quite easy to overdo the lighting. This could be a significant problem in the living room as the place is ideal to sit and relax after a tiring day. Romantic, soft light with a nice shadow effect is perfect to induce a relaxing and comfortable environment. Hence follow these simple guidelines to strike an ideal balance in your living space where you can relax and also indulge in interactive activities with your friends and family.


Next in line is a living room that is above a general or average size falling between 215-323 sq ft (20-30 m2). The recommended size for the pendant lamp on average is 2.6 ft (80 cm) in diameter. With this space, you can opt for a more complex and elaborate chandelier. However, it is advisable not to make the room very bright and lit up every corner of the space. The smart thing here would be to enhance and highlight areas of interest to create contrast within your living area. This way you can establish an area of interest, focusing on design details such as paintings, sculptures or wall detail. This combination of light can indeed result in a useful multifunctional space that complements your house furniture design.


Last is a luxurious living room that is above 323 square feet (30 square meters). Ideal size suggested for these living rooms remains a chandelier with a diameter of 3.3 feet (100 cm). For this space, you can use a ceiling lamp that could serve as a powerful design feature. There is a wide range of variety available with different colors, shape and stylistic element that cannot only enhance the visual aesthetic of your design but also set a beautiful mood and ambiance to your space. It is also advisable to use layers of lighting in such living room, using both task lighting and accent lighting. Task lighting can enhance the functional zones of the living room, providing adequate illumination for performing a different task while accent lighting can work towards highlighting different colors, textures and design details within the space. Hence these two layers of crystal light combined with your ambient lighting provided by the ceiling lamp can strike a perfect balance between style, comfort, and functionality.