How to Choose a Table Light for Your House

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Table lamps serve for both decorative and functional purposes thus enhancing the beauty and satisfying lighting needs. The following are factors to have in mind when choosing a table lamp for;

1.Living Room Table Light

Get more decorative with light choices of the living room since it’s a common area of display for everyone. The table lamps should complement ambient floor lamp lights with its filler lights. Choose a table lamp that complements the style of your living room for an appropriate look.

tiffany table light

2.Bedroom Table Light

  • Purpose of your bedroom

Bedrooms are mostly used for watching TV, working, exercising, and lounging. Reading table lamps suit best for working later at night before settling for bed.

Considering the mood, e.g., for romantic environment choose lamp shades with softer lights. Use directional lights and ambient lighting which prevent shadow formations for reading.

  • Types of lamps

Bedside lamps are in different designs for various functions. For smaller bedside tables, the narrow-based metal lamp is preferable. A metal lamp is durable and sturdier compared to wooden and glass light.

  • Your Bedroom style

Change in bedroom styles and latest trends should favor matching of the décor to blend with the room set pieces.

  • Brightness

 Appropriate lamp shade and bulbs such as compact fluorescent bulbs are much brighter compared to traditional incandescent bulbs.  


3. Study Room Table Light

  • Choose high-quality bulb against the strain of eyes

A lamp should have a good light producer to prevent eyes from straining. Lights flickering from table lights cause fatigue and damage to the eyes. Also, buy a lamp with the same voltage that the desk lamp can support.

  • Portability

Portable lamps can be moved to anywhere, which is good but their batteries drain within a day. It’s therefore advisable to have plugged ones that last long.

  • Adjustable table lamp

Lamp with a movable head is more comfortable to use. Having to move the lights from one position to another to suit your activity could be uncomfortable.


4. Office Room Table Light

Choose high-quality light with incandescent bulbs that are bright enough and clear as well. The desk lamp should be adjustable to various suitability positions for activity.

Pick the right size of lamp considering your table size to ensure it fits with adequate space on the surface.

Choose the Table Light to Match the Décor

Consider table size to estimate lamp placing and its surrounding.

Use the lamp to give the room a focal point to play with the existent style.

The color of lamps adds a different taste to the decor. Could add color punch or metallic glitter.

Blend the already existing light with other layers of light from the table lamp.

 table light

Some best table lamp styles for you are;

Tiffany lamps have amazing colors and designs and come in all sizes and shapes that fit all types of houses. Examples of the lamps are; Wine-bottle style lamps for lamps and lily design for entryways.

Rose gold table lamps are the best for lighting contemporary living spaces. Features include a metal base frame with a finish of rose gold.

Lamps have bold colors with patterns matching base and shade. Other designs have cores made of swirled glass, seeded glass and geometric shapes of different types. The lamps bring energy and decoration that compliment style in a room.

These lamps create beams of light and project them in different directions. The same applies to halogen, incandescent, and fluorescent bulbs. Led lights adequately cover the table surface.

 fabric lampshade table light

4 Essential Lighting Function of Table Lamps

  • The lamps offer general lighting providing ambient light. At different intensities, they enhance the atmospheric mood being a center of attraction in the room.
  • The decorative lamps such as Tiffany lamps have a beautiful design. They make a great impression which makes a statement.
  • For task lighting purposes, increase in luminance helps in providing light for particular tasks. It’s suitable for jobs that need accuracy.
  • Table lamps facilitate accent lighting whereby light is focused on objects to highlight them.


The tips mentioned above, styles, and qualities can simplify your task on the choice of best table lamps. This information makes it the best checklist.