How to chose the appropriate lamp for your artwork

Gallery decoration lamp is the most preferred form of lighting in homes as they are plenty of beautiful choices available you are able to choose the right lamps you prefer. Every room in a house is unique, that’s why one should be able to take into account peculiarities of the room in order to choose an appropriate lamp. Lighting in your gallery plays a major role in the overall design of the room which will affect your artwork.


Below are simple artwork light lamps tips that will help you choose the appropriate lamp for you.

Lighting Longevity and Size


Choosing the proper lighting determines the best preservation of the artwork. This is important to know how to use your lighting to benefit your application in the best way possible. Flexibility is a major role of the art gallery lighting guidelines since you will have to change displays and move them around in your art gallery. Large artwork will need to use a wider beam of light while smaller ones use narrow beam lights.

Direct and aggressive lighting can cause serious damage to your artwork causing distortion and fragility of the art. Avoid direct sunlight contact with your art to prevent fading. Use of LED, Halogen and Incandescent lighting maintains the artwork display.

Type of artwork


Each artwork consists of framed and unframed painting which determine what lighting design, beam, and angle should be used. Arts with glass frames displays a reflect glare therefore direct light should be avoided or use diming lights which will lower the intensity of light hitting the glass.

Older painting does not need direct contact with light as they may be harmful to the painting.

The scale of the art and lamp


As an artwork, you should consider the size of your room when choosing a lamp as well as the size of the table on which the lamp is to set. This will intern determine the visibility of the art as you can’t place a large lamp on a smaller artwork, it will block visibility of the art. They have to look proportional to their size. The height of your lamps may be influenced by the ceiling height. For high ceilings, it’s best that you use table lamps that are taller at the end of the height spectrum.

Size of the room


The drawing room can be divided into two: large-scale drawing room and drawing room for a household. For large-scale drawing, you can use mixed-up decorations and general illumination together with local illumination for household drawing room. LED spotlight and flush light lamps are suitable to use as local illumination, while ceiling lamp can be used as general illumination.

The color of the lamp


Lamps that are more transparent and lighter in color will give more general lighting than lamps that are not. Non-transparent lamps are usually featured when general lighting is not as important or desired. Improper color may change the color of artwork. Good choice of lamp color should match with the wall art.


Lighting an art museum or gallery is one of the prime importance. Light helps draw attention to the work of art while preventing damage to the work itself. Artwork lighting must also consider a range of other factors, such as the cost of maintenance, aesthetics, energy efficiency, longevity, color, and temperature.

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