The indoor lighting decoration tips - Round 2

Continue the last post of the lighting classification, this time we will give you a detailed introduction of how to arrange the lighting in each area of a house.

1. Living room

Recommended lighting: ceiling lamps, downlights, spotlights, decorative lights

Color temperature: 2500w-3000w

We have the most of the activities in the living room, such as entertaining friends, gatherings, reading magazines, etc. Some living rooms are connected to the restaurant.


Living room ceiling light

Ceiling lights and decorative lights are usually installed in the middle of the sofa to the TV area or directly above the coffee table. The spotlights cannot directly shine on the TV, otherwise, the screen will be reflective.

Single sofa reading light


In addition to the main lighting, there are some specific areas, such as reading lights on the side of a single sofa, you can use the enhanced light source to beautify the space, usually if you are at home or two people at home, you can only open this light when watching TV, warming and not glaring, it is very comfortable.

Painting spotlight


We can also turn the lights of the downlights and track lights onto decorative paintings or artworks, which can form a focus in the living room, which will be seen as soon as your friends enter the door.

2. Dining room

Recommended lighting: chandelier

Color temperature: 2500w-2800w

The chandeliers in the restaurant are mainly used to illuminate food. They are installed directly above the dining table and are 70-80 cm above the tabletop. This warm light happens to increase appetite.

If the table is small or round, you can install one chandelier.


If the table is rectangular, you can install several chandeliers with the same design.


3. Entrance

Recommended lighting: embedded energy-saving lamps, chandeliers

Color temperature: 8w-12w

Although we are not staying for a long time at the entrance in life, the design of the lighting is still important, as well as many points to pay attention to.


Entrance light note:

1. For the porch ceiling, we can choose the embedded energy-saving lamp to illuminate the whole and let the light evenly distributed.

2. The light can be designed in the place where the shoe cabinet is suspended, which is convenient for wearing shoes.

3. If there is an entrance mirror, it is best to design a light strip so that there will be no facial shadows and chromatic aberrations when looking in the mirror.

4. Bedroom

Recommended lighting: reading light, wall light

Color temperature: 3000w-3500w

As a space for sleeping and resting, the bedroom needs a warm and intimate atmosphere, of course, the best warm light.

The warm light of the reading lamp looks warm and comfortable.


A reading lamp with a lampshade can be arranged on each side of the bed. The wall-mounted type can save the headboard space on the bedside. Regardless of which one is selected, there must be a switch on the bedside, and the two lamps are separately controlled.


People who have the habit of getting up at night, especially the old man's bedroom, can reserve the night light at the corner of the bed and the cabinet, or install a circle of lights at the bottom of the bed and the cabinet, set the on-off switch on the bedside, to create a soft nightlight to illuminate the ground.

The light strip


It must pay more attention to children's rooms. Children are more sensitive to light than adults. Especially younger children who like to stare at bright light sources. So, all the light sources can't be direct. It is safer to add frosted lampshades or other hoods to the lamp.

The star lights with lampshade in children's room, it is soft and warm.


5. Kitchen

Recommended lighting: ceiling lamp, downlight

Color temperature: 1500w-3000w

The function of the lamp in the kitchen is the strongest. First of all, to ensure the intensity of the light source illumination, it is recommended to install 2-3 ceiling lamps.


Use a high color temperature cold light source or a neutral light source to make the kitchen look cleaner and brighter. Don't forget the bottom light of the cabinet which is more concentrated, it is convenient for preparing food at night.


If there is an island with the kitchen, then its lighting layout can refer to the whole kitchen.

6. Bathroom

Recommended lighting: ceiling light, spotlight

Color temperature: 1500w-3000w

If the bathroom is small, then a ceiling light is enough. It can be installed between the shower area and the toilet, not in the middle of the bathroom.


If you want to use the spotlights, you can put them above the sink and the bathtub separately. The wattage of 3w is enough. Note that if it is installed above the bathtub, avoid the side of the head, otherwise it will be glaring when you look up in the bath.

Wall light can also be used as mirror front lamp.


Install the mirror front light before the sink, which is convenient for washing and makeup.

All the above is the lighting layout plan that Wotefusi shared for you. Do you think it is workable? In fact, it is best to go to the building materials center or the furniture store's model room to go on a field trip, to experience the lighting feeling by yourself. After all, the comfort of your home is decided by your living.