How to decorate your house with green? - Round 1

To make your home look more advanced and more textured, the easiest way is to make a fuss about the color. The retro green with temperament and good looks, as the theme color of home decoration, is also a very good choice.


Green is neutral from the color system, and the visual feeling is less irritating and cold. The peaceful characteristics make the green produce a calming and soothing effect indoors. It can create a classic, not cheap retro feel to your house if it is properly matched.


In the next two blogs, Wotefusi will introduce some practical and fashionable green home color matching solutions to you.

First of all, let us learn something about the color combination.

There are so many kinds of green, in the end, which color combination can show the best retro style? Don't worry, we have prepared the following classic and most error-prone retro green matching tips for you.

1. Green + White


Choosing a large area of white with a small area of dark green, it will look clean and fresh, which is the most error-prone practice.


The tolerance of the white space cannot be underestimated, the large white wall can make the space more clean and bright. It can bring a refreshing and clean atmosphere with a little green embellishment.


The green and white contrast color has a visual impact and can extend the depth of the space. The unique charm of green makes space not too monotonous and pale.

You can also choose a large area of dark green with a small area of white.


If you paint a large area of dark green, it may make the room look dull, so you should spend more time thinking about other household items.


The easiest way is to match the white furniture so that the overall look is rich and not too depressed.

2. Dark green + Sandalwood


The sandalwood color itself has the feeling of retro art, so it will have a bonus effect on the texture when it is matched with the dark green.

Decorated the space with a large area of dark green and the sandalwood color, it will look more natural and comfortable.


If you want to create this dark green retro style, you can also try rattan-woven furniture. The material of the rattan can be compared with the hot summer.

3.Dark green + Pink

Green and red are complementary colors in hue, and they are a combination of strong visual impact. But if you don't do so well, it may be a very embarrassing thing.


Base on the house decoration, a large area of dark green with pink embellishment is more elegant, and a large area of pink with dark green embellishment will not make people tired and annoyed.


If you feel that the large-scale contrast is difficult to control, you can start with small items.


From stools to vases, from curtains to sofas, as long as you match them according to the primary color and secondary color as a reasonable mix, for example, with one color as the main color, the other color as the backdrop, then it can show a fashion avant-garde attitude.

4. Dark green + Other green

Do you want a more progressive and layered feel in your home space? Then you must not lose sight of the way of mixing dark green with different shades of green.


However, if you want to use the mixing of green solutions, you can't forget these simple methods:


Pay attention to the reasonable combination of different color levels.

The combination of mint green and dark green makes people feel refreshed and lively; light green and dark green push each other to enhance the style and make people pleasing.


In addition to the large-scale color progression, it is also possible to create a gradient effect through fabrics of different shades.



Improve texture with different materials.

There are material differences among walls, furniture, green plants, etc., so even if they are all similar green, you will not feel so greasy when they are paired together. On the contrary, they can achieve the effect of improving the texture.



Use green plants to decorate the wall.

Green plants are also very important decoration in the home. The color difference with high and low stagger of different varieties of green plants can create a very good layering.


If you are worried about that too many green plants will make the space cluttered, you can choose some auxiliary colors, such as bright white or mild wood color to make the space full and not too complicated.

As a retro and fashion color, the green can be decoration theme of a house. But different rooms must be matched with different greens. We’ll talk about that in the next blog content.