How to design the entrance in different rooms of the house? -Round 2

1.Front door entrance

The design of the entrance directly affects the impression of a house. Many designers use a short corridor structure to design the entrance or choose a special floor tile to make a visual partition of a small space.


Maybe you can also choose a chic carpet to make a soft partition of the color, it can be a common design method in the entrance.


The entrance also can be a place to store shoes, umbrellas, shopping bags and other essentials. Adding a practical shoe cabinet is a powerful point for the whole house design.


It is cannot ignore that how to choose the right shoe cabinet. The Japanese MUJI style small shoe bench, there is a lot of small storage space underneath. It can be practical that put a cushion on the low cabinet and change it to a footstool.


If there is much space, you can also choose the console cabinet, it not only can store shoes but also can be used to hang bags, clothes. You can even choose a specular makeup mirror to expand the visual feeling. The entire entrance hall is stylish and generous, and more importantly, it is very practical.


2.Living room entrance

If your house is still in a state of no renovation, try the luxurious cement reinforced entrance. However, this is space-consuming, because the material of reinforced concrete is very thick. Therefore, if the house is small, it is not suitable for this renovation.


Nowadays, many apartments are basically designed the dining room connected with the living room. So it is necessary to start from the partition and do the neat planning of the space.


For small-sized houses, you can take a bar counter to make a semi-partitioned entrance. Not only can achieve the practical storage effect, but also no shading, thereby improving the design grade of the entire house.


Or you can add a small cabinet between the living room and the dining room, and it will have unexpected effects.


If you pursue a sense of warmth, then designing a curtain that blends with the overall decoration is also a good choice.


There are also many open kitchens for families that need to be decorated. Most designs use the difference between the high and low floors of the kitchen and the living room. You can also use the lamp furniture to make a visual partition of the up space. This method will not break the beauty of the open kitchen, and it also makes the whole space tidier.


Small duplex staircase entrance, is this design very high-grade?


3.Bedroom entrance

Generally, only the larger bedroom of the house will be designed with an entrance. After all, the renovated house is for people to live in, so the decoration and psychology are closely linked. People still want to have a sense of security and warmth when they are asleep. So if the bedroom is too large, it will give people a feeling of palpitations.


If it is a spacious bedroom, Wotefusi suggests putting a shelf to make an entrance, which is an ideal choice. Firstly, you do not need to arrange the study room redundantly, secondly, the book distance that is within reach, suitable for reading before going to bed. As for the choice of color, it is still necessary to match according to the overall house decoration.


It is also very popular to use plants to design the entrance. You don't need to arrange the plants in an array like a restaurant. Just can put a cute pot in a special place. The plants not only can purify the air but decorate the house naturally, you can’t miss it.


If the house is a little bigger, try a comfortable sofa and a comfortable carpet if space permits. It has a private rest space and strengthens the visual distinction at the same time.


Removable partition furniture such as curtains and screens are also very suitable for house interior entrance designing. It can not only meet the small space security during sleep but also liberate the ventilation needs of the bedroom at any time.

The above is the entrance design that Wotefusi introduced for you. Is there any help for your design house? Keep an eye on the Wotefusi Blog, we will bring you more tips about home improvement.