How to decorate your house with different green? - Round 2

Which room of a house is suitable to decorate with vintage green?

Retro Green is a calm, yet fascinating color, so it has its place in all parts of the house, whether it is the living room, bedroom or dining room, kitchen or bathroom.

1. Living room

* Wallpaper


In the living room, you can use the dark green + white color matching method by putting all the walls on the dark green wallpaper, and the rest of the place setting with black, white and gray, which looks retro and elegant. You can also use the dark green wallpaper on the narrow wall to lengthen the depth of the living room.


* Sofa


Of course, you can also reduce the area of dark green, and only use dark green on furniture such as sofas.


Base on the main style of the living room, you can choose different shades of green to match it, adding furniture made of velvet or short velvet, which is more modern.

2. Bedroom

* Dark green back bed


The dark green backboard bed should be considered a niche piece of furniture, full of style and unconventional. The dark green backboard bed, combined with the golden chandelier and bedside table, adds a touch of French sophistication.


It is a happy thing to read a book on the dark green backboard before going to bed, waiting for drowsiness in such a calm and peaceful atmosphere.

* Curtain


Many people worry that the dark green curtains will look too exaggerated, but it is not.


As long as the overall style is harmonious, the bedding products can choose black and white gray or similar colors with some pillows, plants or jumping lights to activate the atmosphere, and the dark green curtains can become a landscape in the bedroom!

3. Dining room

* Dinette series


In the restaurant, we can choose a dark green velvet single chair and a wooden table.


The smooth lines of the table complement the streamlined design of the single chair, and the retro elegance of the dark green is perfectly matched with the rustic nature of the logs, creating a fresh dining environment.

* Dinnerware


If there is really a true meaning of life, it may be tasting the yummy food.


The beautiful tableware makes people's appetite increase, even if they are placed on the table when they are not used, it is a kind of decoration, which should be called the most practical "accessory".

4. Kitchen

* Cabinet


If you haven’t considered how to decorate your kitchen, why not try the retro green wood cabinets?


The handle of brass texture is specially matched with dark green, high-grade and elegant, and your willingness to cook is stronger.

* Oven


Green is the most retro classic color, this green is a bit less glamorous and more Japanese style. The Japanese drama "Escape is shameful but useful" use it as a prop too.


5. Bathroom


* Shower curtain


The large-area shower curtain has a very good decorative effect, and the plant element makes the bathroom space more colorful, like a forest.

All the above are tips about green matching home decoration, do they help you with any idea? If you want to know more about the home decoration, please keep an eye on the Wotefusi Blog!