How To Choose Crystal Pendant Light For Kitchen Island?

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The best indoor lighting ideas.

How to choose the high quality crystal?

No matter to choose a kitchen crystal chandelier, kitchen industrial pendant light, or kitchen spotlight, you should consider how high above the island should pendants hang. Furthermore, the crystal light quality, pendant light lampshade, the style of kitchen design, are all your concern.


The best kitchen island lighting

The kitchen island does not use a non-concentrating ceiling light. Install a crystal chandelier or a crystal pendant light over the island, and other high-quality kitchen spotlights on top of and below the kitchen cabinets, in this way, the kitchen cooking areas can keep bright enough.


The best number of kitchen lighting

No matter the spread style, L-shaped or U-shaped cabinets, are mostly adopted the ceiling-mounted spotlights, ranging from 6-10. The light source should be chosen to be warmer, the color temperature is 1500w-3000w.


The island-type kitchen has an area of 10 square meters or more, install 9 spotlights with low wattage, 1 in the middle, and 8 around, and prepare adjustable switches. The kitchen area is 6-7 square meters, with 6 spotlights, arranged in a layout of 2 horizontal and 3 vertical.


If the kitchen island has a high floor height, you can use a fume-resistant crystal pendant light and install spotlights around it.

The best kitchen island pendant light height

The ideal height between the kitchen island crystal pendant light and the kitchen island is about 2.5 meters. The kitchen crystal pendant light shades will occur if the chandelier installed at a higher height above the cabinet. 


But the kitchen island pendant light hanging height depends on the height of your kitchen bench, the actual height of the ceiling, and the height of the floor. These factors must be carefully considered during the kitchen chandelier installation.

The kitchen island chandelier lampshade


A modern kitchen island can be decorated with metallic kitchen spotlights. A vintage design can be adopted with the classic kitchen industrial pendant lamps. No matter the kitchen island crystal mini pendant lighting or luxury Swarovski crystal chandelier, they should be consistent with the entire kitchen style and even the house decoration.