How to distinguish which one is the best suitable table lamps?

Table lamp is one of the most essential household appliances in bedroom and study. The table lamps sold online are dazzling, and the prices and quality are uneven. Much less the misleading advertising and the lack of knowledge. Now I am going to tell you the 4 kinds of common desk lamp source on the market, hope it can help to choose the most suitable lighting for you .

office desk lamp

The common styles of table lamp:

1. Incandescent lamp

Incandescent bulbs are the earliest lamps that have been used since they were powered. Its light is closer to natural light, which is the greatest function, because it can protect our eyes. Its disadvantage is the slow heat dissipation. It will cause obvious visual fatigue, even dizziness and discomfort after reading , studying, working for a long time.

desk lamp

2. Energy-saving lamps

The well-known advantage of this kinds of lamp is power saving. Meanwhile, its disadvantage is unstable light source, which means that it can hurt your eyes when you close to the lamp.

study lamp


3. LED lamps

The school physics textbooks have said that Led is widely used light-emitting diode. Yes, this kind of table lamp has greatest advantages of energy-saving and environmental protection, and it has a longer life than ordinary lamps. The light source and heat dissipation also good enough for using. It is attracting plenty of customers.

LED table lamp


4. Fluorescent lamps

Be careful about the traps! Most fluorescent lamps are used phosphors instead of trichromatic phosphors. The effect of phosphors is not as good as incandescent lamps. It is recommended that consider it seriously before purchase this kind of table lamp.

desk lamp


From the above, do you have your idea of how to choose the better table lamp? If you are still confused, may be you can go to wotefusi table lighting store to have a glance, they are all carefully chosen and will meet your need with better chance.