8 Easy Steps to Clean Your Living Room

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The living room is a common area for all in the house that everybody accesses including guests. Cleanliness of this part of the house is essential as it also improves the general outlook. The living room has different types of furniture and other components to match the décor. Things to clean include TV cabinets, sofas, tables, ceilings, chandeliers or ceiling lamps, windows, curtains, and the floor. You can use the following tips to transform your living room.

First, put away all the items that are not meant to be in the living room. Have all your cleaning supplies, polishes, and dusting tools ready and collected in one place to avoid interruptions.

1.Clean the curtains

Curtains have different fabrics; hence the cleaning method relies on the material of manufacture. The curtains are also hanged together with draperies and blinds. Clean up all these by following the manufacturer`s instruction.

2.Clean the ceiling

Dust the ceiling to remove all sorts of dust and cobwebs also present in the corner of the walls. When cleaning, remember to wash the ceiling fan to avoid chunks of dirt from falling in your living room. Such a happening could turn out to be embarrassing with guests around. Dust down the fan and use a gentle cleaner preferably Murphy`s Oil Soap. Assemble the parts of the fan before putting it back. Ensure the fixtures are dry after washing.

living room chandelier

3.Cleaning your living room lamps

Dust and clean accent lamps using a vacuum attachment or a duster for lampshades, lamps and decorative items in the living room. Ensure to switch lights off before cleaning commences to keep safe from burns or electrocution. Details of cleaning different lamps.

4.Clean  the window

Vacuum or sweep dirt from window frames. Moisten the window with warm water containing a soap solution. Clean from top to bottom using a soft sponge and also pay attention to the edges. Dry with a soft cloth and buff using a fluffy fabric.

5.Clean your sofas

First, check for any missing item that may be present in the abyss of the couch before you start cleaning. Clean out and dust the sofas using a vacuum cleaner with attachment. Reach out for the crevices of the lounger to ensure a proper clean. For soiled couches and chair surfaces, use an upholstery attachment on a rug shampoo machine. Whereas, for light cleaning; you only need an upholstery spot cleaner.


6.Clean the TV cabinet

With a soft damp cloth wipe the cabinet to remove dust, fingerprints and all other sorts of dirt. Concentrate on the curved and bent parts to avoid leaving any hidden soil. In case of any stubborn stains, wipe with a lint-free cloth dampened in a warm water solution of mild soap. Avoid the use of paper towels since they cause scratches on the cabinet and glossy surfaces.

7.Clean your living room table

Remove any items present on the table. Dust the table with a dry soft lint-free cloth to remove dust and dirt on the table surface. For stains, use a slightly damp piece of material squeezed from warm soapy water to wipe the table. Dry and buff with a dry piece of soft cotton cloth. Arrange the contents neatly back on the table.

8.Clean the floor

Floors exist in different types depending on materials of preference for their construction. You can sweep, mop or even polish. Vacuum the floor or sweep it to remove dust. To mop, fill a bucket with water and add a cleaning solution. Wet the mop, squeeze then use it to clean the floor in circular motions. Depending on the type of floor, you could dry or buff.


Cleaning requires skill for good results which also favor maintenance of proper living room lighting. A clean living room creates a fantastic feeling of being at home, comfort, and ease. The tips above will give life to your living room and the entire house. Keeping things organized and a conducive environment you would love to be. Who would ever say no to that?