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Lighting Tips

  1. 15 of the Best Online Lighting Stores For 2019

    Are you confused to find sites where one can buy high-quality lamps? If yes, then this post is perfect for your reading. Wotefusi will tell you about the list of top 15 best lamp websites having all t
  2. How to choose the best crystal pendant lights?

    Advances in lighting design and technology have led to a huge variety of chandelier and pendant lamps. However, none of these hanging lights can replicate the grand and enchanting effect of a traditio
  3. Living room lighting ideas: lamps fixture base on the size of drawing room

    The most important space of any house remains living room. It can truly be considered the heart of your home as it remains a central hub where the entire family could interact, mingle and enjoy their
  4. High quality pendant lights: 4 Ways of how to choose the best chandeliers?

    In the modern world, pendant lamps have extended beyond their functional role. Pendant lamps can stand alone as the key feature of any living space. The change has led to a competitive market with a l
  5. The indoor lighting decoration tips - Round 2

    Continue the last post of the lighting classification, this time we will give you a detailed introduction of how to arrange the lighting in each area of a house. 1. Living room Recommended lighting:
  6. The indoor lighting decoration tips - Round 1

    As a medium for people and space, lighting plays a unique role in rendering the atmosphere and enhancing happiness in the house. But how to arrange your own lighting has become a learning. Many people
  7. How to Keep Light Fixtures Shining Bright

    Once a year it is important to wash all the dust and grime off your light fixtures. Some fixtures may be easier to clean than others and require different products to make them sparkle. For all of the
  8. Top guides on how to choose the best kitchen pendant lights

    Do you wish to do kitchen light remodeling or improvement? First and for most, it’s worthwhile to have done data survey before any activity. By doing this you will have gained the idea on what t
  9. Proper place of industrial lamp installation

    Industrial lighting by its nature is often at a high level making maintenance and upgrades costly and is often ignored creating health and safety issues.  The ability to dim or switch off lightin
  10. How to chose the appropriate lamp for your artwork

    Gallery decoration lamp is the most preferred form of lighting in homes as they are plenty of beautiful choices available you are able to choose the right lamps you prefer. Every room in a house is un