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Housekeeping Ideas

  1. How to decorate the bay window - Round 2

    In the last post, Wotefusi introduced the different types of bay windows to you. But how to make full use of different bay window space? Now, we'll continue to write more for you about the bay window.
  2. How to decorate the bay window? - Round 1

    When you stay at home, the favorite place is maybe the bay window. The gentle sunshine through the large glass windows, look at the scenery outside the window, drinking tea, making a daze, free and c
  3. How to decorate your house with pink? - Round 3

    With the difference of the pink series, the style of the entire home space can be basically determined. But to create a textured pink atmosphere, practical and design furniture is essential. Ready to
  4. How to decorate your house with pink? - Round 2

    As the last post we said, there is so many difference among different kinds of pink. And, how to put them in your house correctly without awkward, that’s a big question. Now, Wotefusi will tell
  5. How to decorate your house with pink? - Round 1

    Pink, as the representative color of cute girls, is rarely reflected in home decoration. It may be because of fear of being impatient or not, so many people who like pink even can only succumb to a sa
  6. The best 20 decoration tips of living room background wall - Round 2

    Following on the previous post, let us continue to provide you with the remaining 10 ways to decorate the living room background wall: 3.Green plant Nature lovers can take note that there are fun op
  7. The best 20 decoration tips of living room background wall - Round 1

    The background wall is the center of the living room and the most important area for the house layout. Its large size and most conspicuousness determine the atmosphere of the entire living room.
  8. Get the best cloakroom for your house - Round 2

    Due to the size limitation of small units, it is a luxury to create a detached cloakroom in an already narrow space.  Therefore, Wotefusi is more recommended to use the corner space of the hom
  9. The four kinds of most popular work tables

    In the last blog post, we introduced the method of transforming existing tables according to the space of the house. Now in this blog, we recommend some creative tables on the mark
  10. The best 4 kinds of work tables for small rooms

    A long table in the end, good-looking and practical, standing by the window, and very space-saving, is the best choice for small rooms. The table where you get along every day is our old friend, read